25 Days

Merry Christmas! It’s 25 days to go before His birthday! Wow, that was sooooo fast :D. I’m not too stressed about parties this year as we don’t have the usual annual company party. They’ll only give out gift baskets this year in consideration of the global recession. So no party clothes shopping for me today. Relieved :D.
Nothing special feelings for the upcoming holidays. I am just excited about the long break which I’m hoping to have. Tutal naman last year, taong opisina talaga ako at di ko man lang nagamit yung mga naipon kong in lieue. So I’m hoping that this year, I’ll be home for Christmas.
I have one special wish though. I fervently wish and pray that next year will be the year that I’ll finally meet you, my Gilbert Blythe. 🙂

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Holiday Break

Finally the long wait is over. I am on my way home now and my 12 days break has officially started. Yep, I took a leave for the remaining working days next week and the first two days of next year. I broke my personal rule of not being absent on the first working day of the New Year. I guess this is the first time but I’m not guilty coz I know I deserve this break. Anyway, enough of that.Below is list of what’s in store for this break. I hope I can accomplish most, if not all.

  • Shop for Christmas gifts for nieces and nephew.
  • Have medical and dental check up. My back is bothering me for a week now. I thought it was because of my hectic schedule during the past two weeks but the two days SL did not quite help. I still feel it until now. Also, my wisdom tooth is not growing smoothly. I think some gums have to be removed.
  • Read books. I have so many backlogs already.
  • Scout for banks to transfer Baguio ATM. BDO has increased its maintaining balance to 5k. I think that’s too much.
  • Prepare 2007 budget and master plan
  • Bond with family
  • Meet with friends
  • Take pictures
  • Write some more
  • Apply for SSS ID
  • Go to NBI for clearance
  • Watch TV
  • Sleep
  • Visit bell church
  • Document text messages
  • Look for school works for e-compilation

It’s a long list but I’ll try to accomplish most of it.

By the way, I guess it’s already official. I am promoted to SSE. I am only waiting for the promotion papers. I’ll write more of this soon.
We are now in EDSA and it’s pretty much the opposite of what I have expected. No traffic yippee! Maybe because it’s already almost 3 AM. But I think there are also lesser people now going home to their provinces as compared to previous years. Anyway, I am just glad to be going home. My beloved Baguio here I come. 🙂
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