Pinto Art Museum: Interesting Pieces Part 2

Part 1

Another picture-heavy post.


Look! Silkscreen ba ang tawag dyan? Tapos thread lang yung pinanggawa sa face!


Very blue chair. Nice pop of color.


You need to turn the one at the center and then those images appear. When stopped, it’s just all mirrors. Aliw ‘no?


This is entitled Baguio. Close to my heart. And it made me miss home more now! And made me wish that one of the winodws in my home was designed that way. Sayang hehehe. Gusto ko umuwi this weekend!!!!


Brain chair. Parang weird upuan no? Hehehe.


Eto di ko maintindihan. Male and female chest sya na may tao sa loob. Confused ba sya? Pardon the ignorance.


There was a small room in one of the galleries with female figurines exchanging stories, like my mowdel friends hehehe. No, I asked them to pretend hehehe.


Uses thread and textile cloth. How do they do that?!


Another one that uses thread and textile cloth.


For adults only.


At the forest. The water drops from the stone and creates a ripple at the basin and the reflection is reflected beautifully around the room.


Nice artwork outside.


Close up.


“Take your time.” Ok, noted.




Apo Wang-od, the famous Tattoo lady from Kalinga.


Bulol. There was a phone in question. Why are most of the bulols in a sitting position? My answer, but I’m not really sure though. In the olden times, our Igorort ancestors use super low stools to sit on. No sofas and no dining tables. The food is served on the floor and they eat sitting down (with or without those low stools actually). And so that’s the reason why I think most bulols are in a sitting position. And this reminds me, my lola has this! I want to ask one of those. Hopefully they still have one! Btw, we call them bangkito. From bulol to bangkito. Anong connect? Hehehe.


Pool shaped in number 8.




And lastly, this beautiful flower kissed by the rain. Pretty, right?

Pinto Art Museum: Interesting Pieces Part 1

Picture-heavy post.

Last July 31, I and some friends visited Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. I have written here how we got to the place. I would just like to share some of the pieces that caught my attention. Just read through the caption of the photos.


One area of the museum


Sya daw si Ariadne. Art by Jerson Samsom using epoxy resin.


Sisyphus, arty by Salvador Joel Alonday, using stoneware and wrought iron


Narcissus, art by Salvador Joel Alonday, using epoxy resin


Blue lady. I can’t find the description.


Gaia by Daniel Delacruz using stainless steel.


Big painting in one of the galleries. I patiently waited to get a shot without people.


Another big painting


Need a ride? 🙂 I remember when we were kids and see this type of car, we would lightly slap other and say “Pendong” hehehe.


Look closely at this painting. See the embossed part? Don’t be deceived. That is just flat in real life. How cool is that?


Mr. Biker. I forgot to take a picture of the caption.


Swing, made of wire. Grabe sa pagkatalented kung sinuman ang gumawa nito. Sa dami ng tao, nakakalimutan ko na kunan ng picture ang mga descriptions.


Another art piece made of wire. Again, I waited until I could get a shot without people. When I was a kid, I remember that we had Benefit Dance in our barangay. Uso ata ito noon I think during the 80s and early 90s. It was mostly attended by teenagers. It was a way to raise funds for the Mr. and Ms. candidate. When I was a teenager, I can’t remember if we still had those. I don’t remember attending one either. Di payag si mudra hehehe. Keri lang.


Hehehe. Kulit lang nung line.


Beautiful artwork. I love the colors.







The main piece is a wheelchair which the artist turned into this. The sides which one can lean are made of pencils. How creative.


And I leave you with this for part 1. Akalain nyong maiisipan ng ibang tao ang ganito hehehe.

2016 Week 30 Recap: Artsy Kind of Weekend

July 25-31, 2016

Last day of the month!


While HR has delayed the go-live date, we started implementing some independent components this week. Good thing we did that because apparently, there was one system which had problems when we did the mock deployment. Kaloka. My teammate was able to fix it and we were able to close the testing last Friday. Ang galing lang talaga ng batang yun! Good job talaga sa kanya. I’m thankful to be working with  a quick and dedicated teammate.

Got my own domain

While we were busy with system implementations in the office, I was also busy looking for a company that offers hosting services for my new domain which I bought at GoDaddy for a discounted price of Php 53.64 (good for one year) last July 21 hehe. I’ll have a separate post about the whole thing in the coming days.

On another note, it looks like my internet at home is faster now. I just noticed it when I was downloading a video. Before, it takes me hours to download one. For the past days, it’s averaging at 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. Saya! Hehe. If this is in response to PDu30’s request/challenge to the telcos, then good!!! It’s about time we get a more decent internet speed!


Awww, my almost teenager niece texted me yesterday to ask what facial wash she can use because she suddenly has pimples. I can’t believe these are our topics now. I miss those days when she would text just to tell me that she’s playing or watching TV. Iba na ang concerns na tinatanong nya ngayon hehehe. I just told her to try using antibacterial soap for now, to not prick them, and not cover them with her hair to avoid further irritation.


I and some friends braved the rain and visited Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo earlier today. About lunch first, though. We met at Shangri-la Mall for lunch. We wanted to try Kettle Restaurant but it was already full by the time we got there at 12PM. This was our third attempt. One friend and I attempted 2x in the past, to no avail at both times hehehe. Mailap pa rin until now. We ended eating at Corazon, a restaurant that serves Filipino-Hispano cuisine. We were all satisfied with the food and their bottomless house iced tea!

Entrance to the museum

Entrance to the museum

Back to Pinto Art. We came from Ortigas so we rode a UV express bound for Antipolo at Starmall Crossing. Fare is Php 50/pax. We got off at Ynares Center and then rode a tricycle to bring us to Grand Heights Subdivision. We paid Php 60.00 pesos. There’s an entrance fee of Php 200.00/adult. I think there are different rates for different age groups.

While the property is huge, there are a lot of paintings, sculptures and art installations housed in 6 different galleries. Yes, that many. So I’m sure even people who are not so into the arts (like me hihihi) will have something to appreciate! Everything was a feast for the eyes! While it was showering the whole time, it was fine because at least it was a little bit cooler. The property is surrounded with trees but for some reason, it still feels humid. Maybe the air isn’t circulating much? Not sure. Downside was that, there was no sunset to watch hehe. I’ll share some of the art pieces that caught my attention in separate posts. It was a challenge to take decent pictures because there were a lot of people given that it’s a weekend.

There is a restaurant and a cafe when you get hungry. We were not able to check it out because we had no plans of eating there.

We spent around 3 hours but we were already rushing by 5 PM because we wanted to leave before closing time at 6 PM. If I were to redo it, I’d probably stay there for at least 5 hours so that I  have enough time to view and inspect each art piece hehehe. The place is also good for lovers as there are a lot of sitting areas by the windows and daybeds outside where people can rest for a while. Basta, the place is really beautiful.

Pinto Art Museum
Sierra Madre St., Grandheights Subdivision, Antipolo Rizal

Those are all for today. Have a great week week ahead.

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