How to Request for NSO Birth Certificate Online

Last January, I needed to have a copy of my birth certificate that’s issued by National Statistics Office (NSO). Good thing that requests such as this can now be done online in few easy steps! Several options are available like filing out of online form, via chat, or calling a hotline. NSO’s website comprehensively describes each option.

As for me, I decided to just call the hotline because it’s my first time and I may have some verification along the way.

So, here goes (as per personal experience):

Step 1: Call the hotline. Now, it’s (02)-737-1111
An agent will get all the details needed to be able to process your request. It is advisable that you know the pertinent details, which pretty much are also found in your birth certificate so you may want to have even just a photocopy of your birth certificate while on the call. After that, the agent will provide you with a reference number. Do not lose this number since you’ll need it later.

Aside from your birth details, you will also be asked for your mailing address. If you’re like me who have problems with no one to receive it at home, you may opt to have it picked up in a branch nearest you. As per time of request, they deliver via Air 21. The agent was kind enough to find the branch most convenient for me.

Lastly, the agent will advise you of the total amount you should pay. Again, as per time of request, I was charged Php350.00, with a delivery address in Metro Manila.

Step 2: Make Payment
Again, there are different options for this such as credit card, Bayad Center, Bancnet ATM, etc. Choose which is most convenient for you. As for me, I just paid using my credit card via this site. Just enter the reference number given to you in Step 1, and follow the succeeding instructions.

Step 3: Wait for the Delivery
You will receive several text messages on the status of your request. So just sit back and relax. In my case, I requested on a Monday and I was able to pick up my document on a Wednesday.

And you’re done.

Easy, quick, convenient but it may be more expensive. I believe charge is cheaper if you personally go to NSO. However, you would have to commute so additional budget on fare, and since NSO is far from your place of residence, you may get hungry and would buy food, plus this, plus that…you get the drift? Hehe.

I just have a concern which I still don’t know the answer until now (haven’t had time to research). I think the copy that NSO has of my birth certificate is so old that the clearest scanned copy is not really clear. There are some data that are not even readable anymore. Can they release another official copy with much clearer details? I hope so.

How to Request for Credentials in St. Louis University

I needed some documents from St. Louis University (SLU) but going there personally to file my request was not an option. After a quick search in SLU’s website, I found this and just followed the instructions. Below are the steps I did.

Step 1: Send email to

My email (sent January 5, 2013)

To whom it may concern:
This is to request for the following credentials without picture:
1. Original Transcript of Records
2. Certificate of Graduation

Student details:

* Student Name: >>my complete name, with middle name<<
* SLU ID Number: >>my student number, which I know by heart until now :)<<
* Course: BS Computer Science
* Year Graduated: 2000

May I request for the said credentials to be mailed at:

>>I used a friend’s address because someone is always at her place to receive my documents<<

Is there a possibility that this be mailed via LBC or Air21?

Are there other payment options aside from check/money order?
Can I just deposit it in a bank? If yes, may I know the account number?
Or can someone in Baguio pay it for me? If yes, what does he/she need to provide?

Hope to hear from you soon for the next steps.


Their reply (sent January 7, 2013)

Dear >>me<<:

Greetings of Peace!

Thank you for your e-mail addressed to the Registrar and forwarded to me, requesting this office to furnish you with a copy of your Official Transcript of Records.

In this regard, please be informed that it is a standing policy of the University not to release any school credential unless all financial obligations have been settled with the Accounting Office. As such, may we then request you to remit the following charges to defray the expenses incurred in processing your request which will take 15 working days upon receipt and payment of fees.

Official Transcript of Records……………………………..PHP128.00
Documentary stamp………………………………………….PHP 15.00
Certificate of Graduation………………………………….PHP 45.00
Mailing fee (via LBC)……………………………………….PHP 95.00
TOTAL CHARGES……………………………………PHP 283.00

You can advise somebody to come visit the office and settle, in your behalf, the financial obligation so we can start processing your request.

Should you have more queries, please feel free to get in touch with us.

All the best for the year 2013!

Note: Fees vary depending on your request. They will provide you with that in their reply. For estimated cost, there are rates published in their site.

I sent them another email informing them that it will be my sister who will process on my behalf.

Step 2: Request my sister to process my request
The following day, my sister was available to process my request. She just needed to go to the Registrar’s Office to pay the fees. For hassle free transaction, I asked her to print the email exchange I had with the office, tell the guard about her business, look for the person who replied in my email and state her business LOL. True enough, after just a few minutes, she was done. They just advised her that processing will take at least 15 working days and they will just send my documents to the address I provided them.

Step 3: Take note of the expected delivery of your document so you can make a follow up should it be delayed.
I was expecting my documents to arrive at least on the last week of January but lucky me, it arrived just a week after my sister went to their office. Based from experience, these delivery services usually require someone to receive whatever package they deliver. Since no one is available to receive it where I live, I opted to ask the favor from my friend. I did not ask though if it is an option to pick up such package in any branch nearest you. I’m not sure if SLU allows it. Another company doesn’t, due to the type of document (again, based from personal experience).

Hope this helps. Easy, isn’t it? 🙂

MTM Program: State Your Purpose!

purpose“Write or type a clear and concise essay of not more than 300 words stating your purpose in applying to the Master of Technology Management Program and your plans for graduate study. If admitted, include your specific areas of interest, and assessment of your academic, mental, and emotional preparedness for graduate study, and your future prospects.”

After reading this for the first time, I just stared at it because my mind went blank LOL. I don’t know how to answer it. Should the answer be technical in nature? Are semi-flowery words accepted? Will I exceed the 300 words or will I just have one-liners? I don’t know. After several attempts at starting and deleting and staring my essay all over again, I’ve come up with this:

The purpose of my application to the MTM program is to have a formal means of gaining a broader understanding of the appropriate and efficient management of technology that is beneficial to both the company and the community. It is my hope that through this study, I would be able to make accurate decisions, devise strategies that are suitable for each technological challenge, and formulate programs that take advantage of technology but without compromising other areas as well.

Specifically, I am interested in topics where it tackles strategies for technology planning, financial aspect of technology management, how to maximize technology in entrepreneurship, legal issues in technology, and to have an understanding of the different components of technology and how to manage these individual components and the whole system as a whole.

Even though this is one of my goals early on, I didn’t rush to pursue higher studies right away. I first had to ensure that I am not in a crossroad in my career. I had to be sure that my purpose is not to just have a master’s degree but to have one that will help me become better in my chosen field. With these, and with the way I handled my undergraduate studies, I believe I am ready to pursue graduate studies.

So there you go. I tried to write from the heart and not just from what I think will impress the screening committee. I hope this will help convince them even just a bit LOL!

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