Mt. Tarak Actual IT


Day 1
5:45 AM: Bataan
9:01 AM: Alas-asin, Registration, shopping for food, breakfast
10 AM: Start trekking
1:05 PM: Papaya River/Lunch
2:10 PM: Ascend
4:30 PM: Tarak Ridge!
5 PM: Food preparation
6 PM: Dinner
7:30 PM: Lights off wahahaha!

Day 2
5 AM: Wake-up call, prepare breakfast, picture-taking, break camp
8:30 AM: Prepare for descent, prayer, final reminders, start trek
9:45 AM: Papaya River, wash up, water refill, trail snack, lunch on trail
12:30 PM: Reume Trek
3:30 PM: Alas-asin, wash-up, prepare to depart for Manila
5:30 PM: Depart for Manila

8:30 PM: Manila

Expenses (per person)
Fare to Bataan (2 way): 500
Registration (brgy): 40
Food: 165
Registration kay Nanay: 10
Total: Php 715.00

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