Personal Finance: My Niece’s First BDO COP

COPNalyn_smI was able to get my OFW niece’s confirmation of participation from BDO last Thursday. I’ve shared in one of my posts before that I encouraged her to set up an investment account before leaving for her place of employment, so that she has a facility to put in her savings.

I’m glad that she listened to my advice and realized the importance of starting early. I am happy that she is still committed to her savings plan for her daughter’s college fund. I’m thankful with the technology because she is just a PM away when I want to randomly check on her savings goals. I pray that she will be blessed with a steady source of income so that she can achieve her goals for her family.

On a different note, I have not seen Ms. Joan during my 2 previous visits at the bank. Ms. Joan was the one who helped us open an account for my niece last year. I wonder if she resigned. Good thing that the teller who attended to me last Thursday maybe still remembers me because when I requested for my niece’s COP, she did not ask for my ID anymore and she knew which family name to look for. Thank you, Ms. Teller. Note to self – get the teller’s name on my next visit.

How about you? Do you have family members abroad? Any tips for OFWs so that their hard earned money won’t go to waste?

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  • Good for her! I wish my younger brother and one of my two younger sisters listen to me also when it comes to budgeting money and investing! Sabi ko nga sa kanila, kayo rin, nasa huli ang pagsisisi. Sa ngayon kasi, bingi-bingihan pa sila sakin, mas inuuna ang mga gala at material things. What's nice about young people is that time is still their friend when it comes to growing their money. 🙂

  • Thankful akong nakinig naman sya. Para akong sirang plaka nung nakitira sya sa akin habang ongoing yung application nya kasi paulit-ulit ko syang sinasabihan about it hahaha. At tuwing uuwi sya dati, nireremind ko sya to talk to her partner and parents about it just to set expectations. Supportive naman daw ang partner nya. Di ko na lang tinanong anong sabi ng mga magulang nya hahaha. Sobrang laking sakripisyo ang malayo sya sa pamilya nya kaya dapat din hindi mapupunta sa wala lang ang mga sakripisyo nya. At para naman kahit ilan sa amin, magkaroon ng kahit konting improvement sa buhay. Pinanganak na nga kaming mahirap, wag naman sanang mamamatay pa rin kaming mahirap hehe. Pinabaon ko na rin sa kanya yung Colayco books, the first books I read about personal finance para kako in case demotivated sya to save, basahin nya uli yun to remind her of her goals.

    I tried to share to my siblings too, but they did not take action. Maybe masyado silang na-overwhelm. So after trying a few times, lalo na don sa isang kapatid ko, I stopped. I think it's pointless and it won't work if the decision to take charge of their finances won't come from them kasi walang commitment.

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