Peace Be With You

While I am excited for 2018, I am also afraid of a lot of things right now, especially on the decisions I need to make on the coming months. There will be a lot of changes. What I fear the most is that I won’t be able to find the work opportunity similar or at least close to what I have now. I dread this the most because how will I be able to start a family if work opportunities back home are scarce? Let’s face it. Building a family, no matter how frugal you are, will still require a certain income to meet the basic needs of a family. But still I really want to raise that family, by God’s grace, in my hometown. 

Today’s gospel is when Jesus visited the disciples who locked themselves in a room for fear of the Jews. In that visit, He said peace be with you. 

This is the Lord saying that we should not be afraid because He will always be in control. When the priest mentioned this, I was a little pacified. I just prayed fervently for the Lord to guide us in all decisions we’ll do as these will all be crucial for our future. And I am lifting it all to Him to take control. 

Sigh. Adulting is hard sometimes.

2016 Week 46 Recap: Nothing Much

November 14 – 20, 2016


The project is moving along just fine, thank God. I hope there are no more bumps moving forward.

The boss asked me to join her in one of the meetings. I’ll have a new project by next year. Not sure yet if we start with the works this year but hopefully, next year na hehe.

Ubusan ng budget since the year is about to end. San kaya kami pupulutin sa team building? Hehe.

Hirap maging creative sa Kris Kringle so ayun, pinapanindigan ko na lang ang hindi ko pagka-creative hahaha.

Last Monday, the theme was sweet and soft. Yung isang teammate namin, white sugar at cotton balls. Wais di ba? Palakpakan kami! Hahaha. Ako? Ayun, sakto kasi may nabili akong marshmallows sa S&R the week before. Para dapat sa kids pero dahil swak sa sweet and soft, yun na lang binigay ko. Tapos marshmallows din naman natanggap ko hahaha. Karamihan puro marshmallows!


Aside from some domestic chores and then bumming, a friend and I went to S&R on Sunday to check out what’s new/what’s on sale this week. We bought a Palmolive dishwashing liquid since buy 1, take 1 so lalabas na Php 135 na lang for an almost 800 ml bottle. Pwede na.

We went to Shang after to window shop and kill time. Mga walang magawa hahaha.

I attended the very last mass na kasi late akong nagising nung morning hehehe. Kahit yung last morning mass ng 11:15 AM, di ko na maaabutan. Ganon ka-late hihi. And yesterday was the last Sunday of the liturgical year. Next week, Advent na. Di nga? Ganon kabilis? My takeaway from the mass: WWJD – What would Jesus do? Every time daw we have problems or decisions, we can always ask WWJD? Tumpak naman.

I also had a home service massage at night. Swerteng may available silang therapist. Ginhawa after. Pero ewan ko ba kung bakit imbes na makatulog ako ng maaga, inabot ako ng umaga bago makatulog! Kaloka.


Last Friday pala, the Uber surge was so high so I decided to drop by my branch of account to pick up some EIP COPs. Akalain mong 3 ang nakuha ko for my niece and 2 lang sa akin? Hehehe. But I’m happy that she is religiously allocating for her investment accounts. At sana hindi sya pumalya talaga kasi sayang naman ang opportunity to start investing while she’s young.

I am contemplating on a new project. Ate ko naman ang i-coconvince kong mag-open ng SSS nya kahit voluntary lang at kahit yung lowest amount lang para naman may pension sya kahit konti lang pag senior citizen na sya. She’s already 49 years old. I already asked my niece to check if she can spare kahit Php 110/month lang. Sana pumayag silang 2 hehehe.

My MERALCO consumption is still below 100 kwh last billing so less than 700 lang uli ang bill ko! So now, I’m more convinced that the TV is the culprit. I seldom watched TV the past month. Siguro wala pang 10 hours total. Old model na kasi yung TV ko. Di pa nga sya LCD eh so hindi pa uso dati yung mga energy saver eklat. At syempre wala naamn akong balak pang palitan. Hinihintay ko kasing maging mura na yung mga curved models na uso ngayon hahahaha. Inaawitan na actually ng kapatid kong iuwi ko na raw sa Baguio. Minsan gusto ko na pero most of the time ayaw ko pa hahaha!

Lastly, I want a repeat of our holidays last year when my nieces, cousins, tito, and tita visited Tagaytay. Ang saya-saya kasi non. So tipid-tipid pa more para may pandagdag sa December 2016 budget hehehe. Gusto ko kasama ate ko. Sinabihan ko na yung pamangkin ko na bigyan sya ng pamasahe. Christmas gift na nya sa nanay nya hehehe. Sana matuloy. We’ll see.


Ok, have a great week ahead.

P.S. Ang hirap mag-isip ng title  😛  😀 !

30 Day Blog Challenge Day 04: Your Views on Religion

Day 01 | Day 02 | Day 03

Day 04: Your views on religion

One word: RESPECT

Respect for each one’s religious beliefs and affiliation. We each have our reasons why we choose our own religious groups. We belong to a specific group because it is where we found the spiritual nourishment and sustenance that we are clamoring for. No need to force anyone to join your religious group. That is a personal choice. You can share your views, yes, but never force. Worst, don’t be too passionate in destroying other religious groups. Check your own backyard first. If you want to give feedback, do it constructively. Also, never ever claim that your religious affiliation is the only one that should be here. All religions are ruled by humans. All humans err. In this line of thought, no religion is perfect then.

The above paragraph has a lot of hugot of course hehehe.

I have friends with different religious affiliations. But we mutually understand that it is our own preference. I am also open to attending their religious rites if I have to (ex. Christian weddings) but please spare me and don’t force me to convert. I am ok with my current one, flaws and all.

But instead of focusing on religion, I’d rather focus on my faith in God and continue working on my personal relationship with Him. At the end of the day, it is this faith that keeps us going, nothing else.

So, that’s my shortest answer. I’m not even sure if I answered the topic but those are what comes to mind when I hear or read religion. I am not also an expert on the field so I’d rather keep this short and personal.

The Labyrinth Walking Meditation Part 2

Part 1

* All information (in italics) is taken from the print out given to me during my retreat at the Cenacle Sisters Retreat House in September 2014. No reference site/s in the print out.*


Labyrinth at Cenacle Sisters Retreat House

Experiencing the Labyrinth

People have different experiences walking the labyrinth. As with all practices of prayer or meditation, your experience will grow and deepen the more you do it. There is no “right” or “wrong” experience. Some people feel a sense of peace. Others find old memories rising up as they walk. Others find themselves thinking about an immediate situation or person. Others walk at varying speeds as different thoughts and emotions come and go. Some people experience physical sensations, perhaps become light-headed or, or have a feeling of floating above, a feeling of weight, or of great warmth. Some people have profound insights. others have very small experiences or none at all. the experience of walking the labyrinth is different for each person, each time. whatever you experience, it is your experience. Relax and see what happens.

Suggestions for Walking

  • The labyrinth is a path for prayer and meditation.
  • Collect yourself before you start. Think of different people, events, situations, places or things in your life to develop a specific intention if you wish to use one in your meditation.
  • Get centered.
  • There are two common ways of walking: the way of silence and the way of image.

(1) In choosing the way of silence it might be helpful to focus on your breathing.
(2) The way of image might be done by reciting a prayer or name for God over and over to yourself.

  • Ask yourself: How am I loved? How do I love? In either case or in some other manner best suited to you, be open to your heart and mind. Pay attention to your thoughts as they rise and then let them go.
  • The labyrinth is a place of presence; allow yourself to be present to yourself and to God. 
  • The labyrinth is a teacher; let it teach you through the mysterious power of God.
  • As you walk the path, thoughts and ideas may rise up for you and in you — often in refreshing and startling ways.
  • One way to feel more connected to the experience is to walk barefoot and slowly. There is no need to rush. Some people feel a sense of confusion as they first star, remember there is only one path in and one path out. you will not get lost. For some people running as quickly as possible to the center, resting there, and then running quickly out is a powerful experience. 

(3) Use the basic walking meditation. The whole experience consists of three parts — a letting go, a letting in and a letting out.

  • Prepare yourself for the walk by pausing at the entrance to clear your mind and become aware of your breath. You may offer a prayer/intention for the walk you are about to make.
  • Letting go (surrendering) — The walk around the design to the center is a time to quiet thoughts, worries, lists of tasks to do and a letting go — emptying your mind, being present to your body, and surrendering yourself to God.
  • Letting in (receiving) — As you reach the center, you may find your heart opening. Stay as long as you need. This is a place of meditation, prayer and illumination. Receive what is there for you.
  • Letting out (returning) — When ready, take the walk out — back to your life, now refreshed and empowered by the Spirit to live and renewed faith and hope.

I’ll share my personal experience of the labyrinth in another post.

The Labyrinth Walking Meditation Part 1

* All information (in italics) is taken from the print out given to me during my retreat in September 2014. No reference site/s in the print out. *


Labyrinth at Cenacle Sisters Retreat House

What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is an ancient human symbol known to go back at least 3500 years and probably much older. They appeared on most inhabited continents in prehistory, with examples known from North & South America, Africa, Asia, and across Europe from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia. The labyrinth symbol was incorporated into the floors of the great Gothic pilgrimage cathedrals of France in the twelfth & thirteenth centuries. The most famous extant design is the example in the nave floor of the Cathedral of Notew Dame de Chartes outside of Paris.

Why Do We Walk the Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is not a maze, but a walking meditation device with a single winding path from the edge to the center. The labyrinth represents the journey inward to our own true selves and back out into the everyday world.

Walking a labyrinth is a right brain activity (creative, intuitive, imaginative), and can induce or enhance a contemplative or meditative state of mind. It is a tool which can clear the mind, calm our anxieties during periods of transition and stress, guide healing, deepen self-knowledge, enhance creativity, allow for reconciliation, restore feelings of belonging to a community, and lead to personal and spiritual growth.

For many walkers, the labyrinth becomes a metaphor for the journey of life: although full of twists and turns, each of us is on a single path through his or her life, and yet each person’s journey is a separate and distinct qualitative experience. In walking labyrinths, modern seekers are emulating and recapturing the pilgrimage tradition of many ancient faiths.

Benefits of Labyrinth Walking

Research conducted by Dr. Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School’s Mind/Body Medical Institute has found focused walking meditations are highly efficient at reducing anxiety and eliciting what Dr. Benson calls the ‘relaxation response’. This effect has significant long term health benefits. Regular meditative practice leads to greater powers of concentration and a sense of control and efficiency in one’s life.

Part 2

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