Music and Lyrics

A funny and romantic and again funny movie! I just love it. Hugh Grant was so funny in his role hehe. Drew was as always, lovely. I also love the soundtrack. I am so tempted to buy one ASAP. I especially like Way Back Into Love. The melody is simply beautiful.

The Holiday
Yet another romantic movie (di naman obvious na ito hilig ko hehe). Starred by Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black and Kate Winslet. Jude is so handsome. Hay what a face! And those expressive eyes! Everytime Jack appears, I remember his role in Nacho Libre and I can’t help but laugh even if he’s portraying a serious role hehe.


I was able to watch this movie last weekend. It’s about Drew (Orlando Bloom), a shoe designer, whose design was a total failure and it meant loss in almost a billion dollars for the company. On his suicide attempt, he receives a call from his sister that their father passed away and he needs to go back home to Elizabethtown. On the plane to Elizabethtown, he meets Claire(Kirsten Dunst ), a flight steward. This is where their story begins.

My favorite part is when Drew takes the long drive back to Oregon. It is a leisurely drive with pit stops here and there. Claire prepared the map, stop over and even the appropriate music for each place. The movie made me wish that I have a car to make those leisure drives too. =)

Movies Galore

Apryl and I watched 2 movies today haha! Trip lang. It was just our way of taking a break from work. We watched the magical Harrry Potter and The Legend of Zoro. We even bought a newspaper to check where The Legend of Zoro is still being shown. Luckily, Waltermart still has it. Both movies were good in their own ways. And oh, Papa Antonio Banderas aka Zoro is so gwapo! Hahaha!

Apryl also gave me a test on discipline haha. I told her that for the past movie trips I had with my officemates, I always end up buying VCDs. So she suggested that we drop by Astro Vision and see if I end up buying a VCD or two again. Well, I almost did actually hehehe. But I was not so convinced that I should buy it so I returned it to the rack. Besides, Anne wasn’t there to suggest any good movies hehe and I still haven’t watched the VCDs I bought last time. So…congratulations to me! Mwehehehe

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