Team MyRo’s New Toy

I bought a new toy in the form of a laptop. It was an unscheduled expense but it is I think the best option at the moment.

My niece needs to go home-based as it is the best setup for them (siblings) after losing their mom. We checked the prices and her limited budget can only buy a laptop with lower specifications. While it was fine, I was not comfortable about it because I tried using similar laptops and I wanted to throw it every time haha. I talked with the husband if I can just donate my current laptop to my niece (instead of selling it to her at bargain price) and we buy a new one so that we can at least choose one with decent specifications. And he agreed, thank God. But it means, I owe our bank account some moolah too haha.

And so the purchase of a new laptop. It’s just ironic that I was bent on buying either ASUS or HP but not Lenovo but ended up buying Lenovo haha. No offense to Lenovo. It’s just that my old laptop was Lenovo and most of the laptops issued to me in my previous work were also Lenovo so I wanted to try other brands. But it was Lenovo that met the specifications I was looking for haha. Oh well.

I also bought a subscription for Microsoft Office Personal that is good for 1 year. There’s a lifetime subscription but it only has Word, Excel and Powerpoint. I think I need Outlook in the meantime that’s why I went for Personal. If I don’t use Outlook in the next 12 months, then I can just switch to the lifetime subscription. Since I plan to go freelance, I want licensed applications to be installed in my laptop just to be safe hehe.

I think I’m good with all the applications I installed. The laptop is truly ready for use.


↑Hello again, Lenovo. The RAM was only 4GB so I added 8GB. No regrets! I’m loving the speed! I can feel the difference with my old laptop that has 4GB RAM hehe.


↑Team MyRo’s new toy 🙂


↑My subscription for the next 12 months.

How To Set Up A Self Hosted Site: Domain Name and Hosting | Pricing

How to Set Up a Self Hosted Site

Having a website is important because this site can be a one stop shop for all the information that your clients or potential clients need to know about you, your business and your services. You can also include links to related sites, like links to your social media accounts. Also, people looking for services would usually search for a business’ website mostly to ensure that the business is legit and credible.

There are platforms where you can build your sites for free. Yes, for free! However, your site will be under a subdomain of these free sites. We’ll have more of this later.

The other option is to go for a self hosted site. Which brings me to:

How I was able to set up my self hosted site. But before I go into details, here are some caveats.

  • I am from the Philippines and I availed the services of a local provider from here
  • Providers will have different processes in doing their business. Therefore, what I’m sharing with you is purely based on my experience – decision making about domain names and hosting, communications with the service provider, up until my website went online.

Domain Name and Hosting

Step 1: Choose a domain name

A domain name is the web address that you will register. Your domain name should be something that represents you or the business where you are going to use it for.

Step 2: Choose your domain name and/or web host provider

Most service providers have both domain name registration and web hosting services. You also have the option of registering your domain name with one provider, and the web hosting with another provider. You have to know which one works for you, depending on your personal or business need.

In my case, I went for the same provider for both my domain name registration. This is because I know I’m keeping my new domain name for several years and that it’s more cost effective in the long run. There are available discounted domain name registrations actually. However, this is only applicable usually to new registrations but the succeeding years will have the regular rates.

My current provider is (no, this is not a paid advertisement but you can mention to them that you came to know about them through this blog). I sent them an email inquiry first and I made sure that all my questions, no matter how stupid I think some of the questions were, were answered and that everything is clear to me. Feel free to ask all your questions as well, before committing to anything.

When everything was clear to me, they just asked me to login to their site (create an account if you don’t have one yet) and went ahead and placed my order. Payment can either be via BPI or Paypal. I used Paypal so that it’s faster.

Right after I ordered, I received several emails to confirm my purchase, including confirmation from Paypal since it was what I used to pay.

I also received an email from CoffeeMags admin that contains all the details of the services I availed, including login credentials for my WordPress admin site and the control panel area.

Step 3: Validate Setup

Given the URLs and login credentials, I went ahead and logged in to WordPress admin.

Upon logging in, this was my default WordPress view.

And my site is up!

The control panel, or more known as the cPanel contains all the backend stuff for your site. It’s mostly technical but it’s also interesting to have a look at it. Here’s a screenshot of some of the available tools. There are a lot but if you’re feeling geeky, then you can start exploring them as well.


So how much does it cost?

These information are all from my provider’s site.

Domain name registration:

Web hosting:


And that’s it.

So, are you getting yours too? 🙂  🙂  🙂

P.S. If you’re wondering why I did it at this point where I don’t have an established business to promote, because I think it’s cool to have a LOL. Half-kidding aside, I am an IT professional and I’m naturally curious about stuff that involve websites and programming, even though I said goodbye to programming eons ago. My site will serve as my “development environment” because I want to play around with all the plugins which involve input forms, order forms and payments! Also, I just want an online portfolio under my name.

How to Recover Lost Files

A week ago, one of my USBs got corrupted when I copied review materials from a friend. The USB contained the most recent version of my budget files which I updated the night before. While I had a backup of those files in April, I made significant changes to them in May. Plus, I also need the review materials and it’s quite challenging to schedule meet ups when all of us are busy hehe. I accepted it as a lost case until I came upon a blog post last night about how she was able to recover her files from her SD card. Toink! I forgot all about recovery software to think that I used one years ago when my digicam’s SD card got corrupted too. Toinks again!

The software she used was EaseUS. This morning, I tried my luck and was successful hooray! You need to download the executable file and install it in your PC. Then it’s ready to recover your files in 2 steps! You just follow the wizard. It’s that easy. Don’t forget to use Deep Scan if you still cannot find your files after the normal Scan option.

The free version allows you to recover up to 2GB. However, you have the option to get the pro version for an amount. Check here for the price list. They have an ongoing promo too. While the free version worked for me for now, I’d be willing to shell out an amount when faced with the same dilemma and when important documents are at stake, and when I’ve exhausted free versions of all recovery tools hehe.


EaseUs wizard

Hope this helps. Happy recovering!


Our team was lucky enough to sign up for Microsoft’s Techfest{2008} last January 22, 2008, held at Rizal Ballroom, Shangri-la Makati. The event started with a registration followed by 6Cyclemind’s performance. Pampagising daw hehe. The morning session was basically a short discussion on the new releases. A more detailed discussion followed in the afternoon. We attended the following:
  • Microsoft Silverlight By: Tim Vergel de Dios, Academic Developer Evangelist
  • What’s New in SQL Server 2008? By: Nicholas Dristas, Principal Program Manager SQL
  • Server What’s New in Visual Studio 2008? By: Warren Yu, MVP for Visual Tools

The event concluded with a Raffle. Unfortunately, no one from our team won wahuhu.

Here are some links for the event:

To be updated with Microsoft’s upcoming events, visit their events site.

After the event, syempre picture taking sa labas hehe. Pictures to follow.
Non-tech note: Ang Filipino term pala ng beans ay bitsuelas haha. Nagduda pa ako nung una kasi ang nasa menu ng hotel, guinisang bitsuelas pero nung sinerver, sweet peas naman. Pagkatapos ng maraming beses na pagtatanong, ang bitsuelas nga ay beans at ang sweet peas ay chicharo. Misleading lang yung menu.

Microsoft exams scheduled for 2008 retirement

When I saw that in the November 2007 MCP Flash, I started to panic a bit hehe.
Microsoft will be retiring 22 exams in March 2008. But upon checking the whole article, exams for the MCSD path are not yet due for retirememt. Most of the exams to be retired are those for Windows Server 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Exchange Server 2000, and a few other exams. It’s maybe because Microsoft already wants to encourage users to migrate to Windows Server 2003. Besides, they recently launched Windows Server 2008.
Check here for the complete list of exams that are due for retirement.
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